If George Costanza Had a Holiday Wishlist - George's Exploding Wallet December 07 2013

With the Holiday's fast approaching, more shopping means more receipts to stockpile in that already cluttered wallet. So isn't it time to slim down to the bare-bones to give your achy back bone some relief. Its time to bid farewell to the "Ghost of Receipt's Past, Present and Future" and get organized. Check out our CNCH wallet which boasts a minimalist design, intended to simplify your life by lessening your pocket load. Although you love the festive season and don't have a bad case of Scroogeitis nothing puts the "Ba-humbug!" in Christmas then aches and pains. Hey its not easy cutting and hauling in the tree, decking the halls with lights and carrying all those gifts, all this hard work leaves you with aches and pains. So why not give your back an early Christmas present, some much needed and well deserved R&R just simply by upgrading your wallet.

Retire that morbidly obese George Costanza wallet bursting at the seams which can be a pain in the back for a sleek, fashionable, comfortable and light alternative. You will thank us! The CNCH wallet is available in either oak, birch ply, walnut, or stainless steel with integrated bottle opener. Each comes with a black elastic keeper for holding your cards, cash, or whatever you’re creative enough to stow away in it, making it a truly versatile piece of everyday carry pocket gear. Shop our handsomely crafted goods on our online store. You can even shop our goods offline at Hard Goods located in Modern Manor for all you proud Arizonian localist. Check out more about Hard Goods on a recent blog post feature, worth the read!

Visit the Hard Goods Official Outpost located within Modern Manor. 
716 W. Hazelwood St., Phoenix, AZ 85013
Hours - Open Wednesday thru Sunday 11am until 6pm.

Check this out ^^^! Our CNCH wooden minimalist wallet pairs well with our Fulcro credit card size Minimalist Bottle Opener but it fits inside any wallet as well!