Ode To Smithy: Thomas Edison's Blacksmith Scene (1893) December 10 2013

ANVIL presents Thomas Edison's Blacksmith Scene from Alex Ander on Vimeo.

This is an 1893 black & white short film of three blacksmiths hammering away on an anvil. The clanging sound that echo's reminds us of hard work and perseverance. In the center of the action is a large anvil whose sole purpose is to take the force of the hammer. With a blacksmith behind the anvil and one to either side all holding metal hammers they begin to pound. The blacksmith in the middle uses a heated metal rod he has removed from a fire and places it on the anvil. All three begin a purposeful rhythmic hammering to fashion the metal into a usable, yet beautiful object. After several blows the metal rod is returned to the fire. One blacksmith pulls out a bottle of beer and they each take a drink then resume their work, because the work of a true craftsman is never done! Stand anvil strong with us!