Greetings from Chuck Norris - Watch The Epic Christmas Tree Split Parody of Van Damme Epic Volvo Truck Split December 19 2013

In this epic parody of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s very impressive split between two moving Volvos, Chuck Norris sends us Holiday wishes while performing this epic stunt! Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital brings us "the epic Christmas split" using a Norris character and a voiceover of Shakespeare's "Hamlet. In the video we see boots standing on the cowboy hat atop Norris' head, and it becomes clear that he's in the sky and then that he has a team of 11 paratroopers perched above as he is straddling the wings of two giant cargo planes. The troops light up like a Christmas tree, the planes move apart for Norris' split and a holiday greeting is added to the screen.

Merry Christmas, Seasons greeting, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of our Portsmith Co. family (that's you)!