Eating Dirt is ok, Gary Vaynerchuk on running a business April 22 2013

For your viewing pleasure here is some good advice from our friend Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary gives us a good reminder that we often forget. For many of us at Portsmith Co. we are on our 3rd or 4th business and sometimes we even forget to relax and roll with the punches.

Running a business is hard but rediculiously fun and rewarding when you get to create essential provisions that make peoples lives better, bring people together, keep skilled craftsmen working and allow us to design and create more amazing's all worth it. But we must rememeber as Gary reminds us.....chill and it's ok to eat a little dirt now and again and not freak out. When hard times comes...relax for tomorrow will come as well. It will be ok.


Jake the snake says: Chill man, Chill! Go forth, make great products and make people happy. Thanks for being Rad!


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