Sorry I'm Late - Comical Adventure Short Film In Stop Motion Animation June 18 2013

Smart, comical, simple, entertaining and nothing short of amazing! Check out this awesome stop-motion animation set against a gymnasium floor and shot with a ceiling mounted stills camera pointing straight at the floor. A short film by Tomas Mankovsky of Blink with a quirky, lighthearted, just plain fun take on perseverance. This is a funny, captivating and playful story about a man who misses his bus, homeward bound there begins his adventurous journey. He must embark on a fearless journey home and through it all never gives up. Visually inventive, this short film is all animated in life-size, stop-motion (or pixelation) with real people and bizarre objects. You can tell creative genius Tomas and the talented Blink team had a blast filming this short. Thanks for making us smile, we truly respect you and your craft! If you’re inspired like we are and interested in learning more about how Sorry I’m Late was made, drop by the Making Of page and view their many animation tests.