This Is Oregon - Get Outside and Seek Adventure June 19 2013

Alright Lewis and Clark adventure seekers time to embark and brave the great outdoors! If you love adventure, nature and breathtaking views then you are going to love this video prompting us all to get outside and find adventure. But often time adventure comes find us, like an unexpected out of town guest that rings the door bell. The question that remains, will we answer the call and be ready for some of life's spontaneous, yet greatest adventures.

We agree wholeheartedly with Shwood Eyewear that "No matter where you live, adventure is much closer than you think. New experiences, unknown surroundings, and exciting opportunities are just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of motivation and knowing where to start." So let this video be your fearless tour guide and inspiration!

Created by fellow creatives and craftsman, Shwood Eyewear and Julian Bialowas (well-noted photographer) gives a glimspe of Oregon's splendor. “This is Oregon” is a collaborative endeavor to inspire others to get up, go out, and start exploring. Now you can see adventure through their lens! This video truly captures the beauty that is found in our everyday surroundings. They traveled to ten locations within a 90-minute drive from downtown Portland, Oregon to showcase the awe-inspiring landscapes that are waiting to be explored. From highway pull-offs to back country over nighters, and sun-baked coastlines to snowy mountainsides, there is something for everyone, everywhere.

At each location they captured a featured photograph and paired it with an interactive 360 degree panorama and Google map to help you find your way. Hopefully these destinations will light the fire for you to look beyond and explore the endless beauty waiting outside your door. Thanks Shwood Eyewear and Julian for rekindling the fire in our chest!

If you are blessed to live in a beautiful place like Oregon, take a moment to remember. And revel. If you don't live there, we encourage you to go visit and experience Oregon's landscape and other beautiful natural landmarks across the country for yourself. Known for its natural beauty, kind spirit, food and craft beer (a few of our favorite things) Oregon is definitely a destination on our bucket list. Happy Exploring!